27 years ago today, Margaret Thatcher resigned as PM, and I landed in UK to make it my second home.

What a journey it’s been!! I’ve spent more time in UK than Taiwan, done my ‘adult growing up’ here and am no longer sure whether I’m more Taiwanese or more Brit these days! But, what a unique situation to be, being an ex-foreigner– I have the understanding and insights of both societies and cultures that I’m able to demystify them for both sides, which is what I do for work now!

Where am I most comfortable? In UK, some very Taiwanese streaks do still pop out unexpectedly, while my independent ways get me some funny looks in Taiwanese society, and I last maximum 3 days without a cup of breakfast tea when I visit my parents in Taiwan! My British friends always laugh when I tell them that I’m classed as being ‘very loud’ in Taiwan— “No way!!!”, they always say. Well, my mother still can’t quite believe people pay her very talkative and “over-expressive” daughter to talk….

So, where am I most comfortable?

Where there’s LOVE!! Home is where love is….