That noodle from today’s lunch, with vegetarian version of the classic noodle sauce made with TVP mince, shiitake mushroom, ginger and shallot– vegan & gluten free.

I used the opportunity to play with some gluten-free ‘noodles’ I got given: some edamame spaghetti and some edamame & mung beans fettuccine. Every now and again I use fresh tagliatelle, linguine and spaghetti for my noodle dishes; the traditionalists may disagree, but I think they make great substitutes. These two are excellent, as their textures are very close to that of egg noodles.

There are many noodles that are gluten free, made with rice, mung beans and sweet potatoes– all delicious in their own ways, though their textures are quite different from the eggs noodles. Do explore, experiment and make your own new discoveries to add to your gluten-free repertoire!