Taiwan has such an influence of Japanese food: it is ever present and actually one of the things I miss most! Whenever I go back, visits to Japanese eateries are an absolute a MUST!!

Japanese food in Taiwan is authentic— from the design of the interior to the range of crockery the food is served on, and sometimes even with the correct architecture, too! Japanese food in Taiwan a not only of outstanding quality, it’s also very affordable. There’s a trend of highly popular gourmet tourism– Japanese people take long weekend trips for Japanese food tours in Taiwan!

Well, we do our own little Japanese food adventure at home! I once had a (rather handsome!) gent asked if he could move in with me upon hearing that I make my own sushi. His good lady was right by him and nodded he was serious!! I guess he REALLY loved sushi….

Hmm, I guess I’d better take a lesson on sushi-making and learn to do it ‘properly’ now that I’ve just told everyone I can… I just grew up doing it, never learned properly from any Japanese chefs. Perhaps it’s high time that I do so!