You’ve NO IDEA how much this is gonna make my ma chuckle…Her talkative daughter, the “conversationalist”… (The contract from Seabourn for my March gig just came through.)

Growing up, I really so did not conform to the Taiwanese/oriental expectations of what a girl should be like (still don’t!!): from
— my low-pitch voice (“soooo not girly!”), my loud chuckles (“soooo not lady-like”!), my big bones (my parents really think I’m fat!!) to
— my independent streak (it soooo freaked the guys out that I didn’t need protection!)… ALL that!!

I was always told my face and hands were “way too expressive”. Funny, that cultural difference, isn’t it? What had me standing out like an oddball is what has made it easy for me to settle in the west and been embraced as my strengths in communication. So, this very talkative Taiwanese daughter is making a career out of talking… Don’t think my mother quite saw that one coming!!