I love playing with different ingredients, and sometimes it’s about marrying the east and the west!

Growing up in Taiwan, the standard cooking equipment is a simply 2-ring stove in all Taiwanese households. Baking is something that happens in bakeries, not at home. However, I’ve rather taken to it over the years, and I have great fun doing it. From this session of ‘playtime’, I have:

● 1 matcha cake glazed with osmanthus infused honey
● 1 matcha & goji berry cake glazed with osmanthus infused honey
● 1 tangerine drizzle cake

I think a bit more goji berries will look & taste even better next time! The fragrant honey glazing was really lovely on the matcha cakes, but I think I’ll infuse the osmanthus flowers with some firm of liquid and work it INTO the cake next time to get the flavour throughout the cake, not just at the top.

They went down rather well with my class today, and no complaints from the well-fed family & friends, either!